Coffee shops for hangouts in Jaipur

A lot can happen over a coffee perhaps a tag line by famous coffee shop Café Coffee Day. Is it true that a lot could happen? We do not know but perhaps we can make things happen a lot over a just a little cup of coffee whether you are having it with your family members or with friends, it is the drink that you love to drink again and again whenever asked and you can take your beau or your girlfriend with yourself whenever you want to say something with just a reason of it. You can talk, you can quarrel, you can be friends, you can be enemy or you can be anything with it. So it could be true that a lot could happen over a coffee.

coffee shop in jaipur

It has its lots of varieties at least ranging around 30 and more than it. Let’s look some types of it like Affogato, Antoccino, Black Eye, Black Tie, Breve, Café au lait, Café Bombón, Café Cubano, Caffè crema, Café de olla, Caffè latte, Caffè Marocchino, Caffè Medic, Café miel and others. So what you think how many you have tasted with your friends or with your girlfriend? If you only drink some of them and want to taste more and much of it and looking for coffee shops in Jaipur then here are some of the best coffee shops that fire off your thirst for it.


  • Indian Coffee House

Coffee Shop

Mirza Ismail Road, Jaipur

  • Mocha

Coffee Shop, Bill payment services

Malviya Nagar, Jaipur

  • Costa Coffee

Coffee Shop

Sardar Patel Road, Jaipur

  • Cafe Coffee Day

Coffee Shop

Malviya Nagar, Jaipur

So test the best, leave the rest and make your moments alive those which are best of you, those which are most of you and those which are loved of you just over a cup of coffee because ‘A lot can happen over a coffee’.


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